Why Choose Women’s Vinyl Raincoats?

Back in the late 1960’s women’s vinyl raincoats were all the rage. Usually the monochrome look was completed by the wearing of black or white shiny knee length boots.

It was around the time of the mini skirt that vinyl became so popular, and the new found freedom allowed women to express themselves by wearing new and exciting clothes.

Where once the raincoats for women would be plain and boring new patterns arrived on the scene. Colors such as vibrant blue, green, orange, and pink, could be seen on the racks, and the traditional rain slickers for women took a back seat to the exciting new women’s vinyl raincoats.

Women's Vinyl Raincoats

Women's Vinyl Raincoats

Today, things have moved on even more in the outdoor clothing department. The choice is immense with many different styles, and also catering for the different shape and size of the customer.

Women can express themselves a great deal by the clothing that they wear, and they can make a statement about who they are as a person simply by the clothes they choose. Especially during leisure time we don’t have to conform to the stereotypes created by others.

There was a time when you had to follow a very strict dress code. Avoid this style if you were short, avoid this pattern if you were plus size, avoid this length if you were tall, etc. However, today just about anything goes and all styles are usually available in plus size, shorter or petite sizes, and a section containing raincoats for tall women.

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Ladies vinyl raincoats have several advantages over other materials. First of all, when it does rain the water just runs right off and it doesn’t soak through at all. Secondly, even if you are caught in the worst rain or snow storm a quick shake of the coat as you go indoors and the coat will be bone dry in no time.

Some of the vinyl raincoats for women are very lightweight and supple, and can easily be stored in a backpack or large handbag. They are the ideal choice when travelling to locations where the weather is particularly unpredictable.

There is often much humor relating to the weather conditions in some countries, and indeed a lot of self deprecating from the inhabitants of such countries. However, very few countries in the world are without any bad weather at all. Even countries with hot climate often have a ‘rainy season’ and you certainly don’t want to be unprepared if you should be visiting such a country.

There’s an old saying that ‘all sun and no rain a desert makes’, well why not celebrate the rain by wearing a funky new PVC creation. Choose a plain color or vibrant design, and buy yourself a matching umbrella or rain boots.

Remember the fun of splashing in the puddles when you were small. Bring back some of the fun in life with one the stunning women’s vinyl raincoats on sale today.

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