Womens Trench Coats Can Be Elegant And Casual

The womens trench coat has withstood the styles of time, and has made fashion statements for many years.

Towards the end of the 19th century coats were beginning to change and when the London Fog trench and the Burberry trench coat were created for men, it wasn’t too long until new designs were being created especially for women. The London Fog womens trench coat is still a huge favorite today.

Womens Trench Coat

Womens Trench Coat

Trench coats were originally always considered the style of coat for men however, the men’s leather trench coat became one of the first male style coats to be converted into something that women began to wear. The womens leather trench coat is still one of the most popular models around today.

Today’s raincoats for women need to stand out as customers demand styling, color options, length options etc. Plus size womens trench coats need to look every bit as appealing as the petite trench coat. Long coats may well look good on tall ladies, but for those who are a little shorter there has to be a short trench coat option. The best womens trench coat will look great whatever style you choose.

The women’s trench coat, although similar to the men’s, soon became a favorite among the many raincoats for women. Womens winter coats soon adopted the trench coat styling and had the added benefit of being warmer than some other lightweight types of womens trench coat.

Trenchcoats have become a sort of unisex apparel that looks great on either sex. If the coat is correctly fitted it can look good on any woman regardless of stature or weight.

The traditional colors for the womens trench coat were either black or tan with tan being the favorite. Today these womens coats can be in almost any given color and although black trench coats for women will always remain popular, the white trench coat, pink, orange, and the red trench coat are highly sought after.

Today the womens trench coat can be had in many fashionable colors as well as many patterns, although the traditional beige and black trench coat colors are still available in various styles of trench coats for women.

Fabrics have also changed from the traditional heavy cotton coat to everything from microfibers to vinyl, and the lightweight cotton womens trench coat. The leather trench coat is still making its fashion statement as well.

Womens trench coats are also available as raincoats. These are usually in the style of a traditional womens trench coat that has been waterproofed, or trench coats that are made of waterproof fabric such as vinyl.

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If you have a need for waterproofing then perhaps the traditional womens trench coat with weatherproofing would serve a double purpose. Unless you like the style so much that you don’t mind having one of traditional fabric and one of vinyl. In that way you will be prepared for rainy weather and still have a great style coat.

The length of the womens trench coat varies because the stature of the women wearing them varies. The length is of little interest to most women that own trench coats as it is the style that they are enamored with.

Although both expensive and cheap womens trench coats do come in various lengths such as the street length coat, a mid length which is generally called the car coat, and the jacket. These lengths may vary but the style never does.

Ladies winter coats are only a small portion of the ladies coats for sale around the world today. But climate change has led to unpredictable weather conditions, and a womens trench coat with a detachable lining can be a great benefit in these times.

There seems to be an undaunting love, by women of all cultures, for the military look and the reason for this is unknown. It is this love for the military look that made the trench coat style of winter coats for women so popular. Although fabrics and colors have changed the actual womens trench coat or womens duster style remains steadfast.

No women’s clothing designer has taken it upon himself or herself to change the style of the womens trench coat, or to try to correct it or improve it. Women love the trench coat as it is and it would probably be the downfall of any designer that would attempt to make a change.

Every woman of fashion should have a womens trench coat in her wardrobe, whether it is a traditional trench style, one of the many trench styles of leather coats for women, one of the lined winter coats, or a modern day trench coat with all of its colors and patterns.

If you want to look elegant at a casual event, a business function, or a formal dinner, the womens trench coat will fill the bill as the coat to be worn to that function or event. Whether it’s a Burberry womens trench coat, a wool trench coat, or a cheap but equally delightful lightweight ladies trench coat you’ll look stunning.

If you do not yet have a womens trench coat then by all means, go out shopping and get one that fits you properly, and wear it with style and elegance.