Womens Rain Jackets For The Modern Woman

The womens rain jacket was originally made to be a garment that was practical to keep the person wearing it dry. Now the women’s rain jackets are a fashion statement.

Originally womens rain apparel was the mackintosh also known as the “Mack” and named for the man that invented the mackintosh, Charles Macintosh. The original rain wear was waterproof and made for a rubberized type of material.

Womens Rain Jacket

Womens Rain Jacket

You can still get a Mac today, and although it is similar to the original design it may often looks shiny and waxed. The people at the Mackintosh company that make their rain wear have to undergo three years as apprentices in order to say they are experts, and this apprenticeship ensures that the work will be of the best quality.

As the years passed the original rain jacket design turned into the modern waterproof rain jackets that we see on the market today.

The designers that are top in their fields all have a womens rain jacket in their collection and each one is different because the designer adds his or her own signature style.

Today the womens rain jackets and coats have been designed to the needs of the modern woman which brought the womens anorak and coats to various lengths. There is the short anorak style jacket and a trench coat design that is full length and there are other lengths in between these.

However, no matter what the current fashion may dictate the full length raincoat still remains the favorite and it seems it will remain so for years to come.

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The older jackets and coats were made of a heavy fabric while today’s rain jackets and ladies raincoats are made of a lightweight fabric that is easily made into many styles and designs. The womens raincoat is also designed in many colors from the pale pinks and blues to bright and vibrant reds as well as floral patterns.

There is often a hood attached to the womens rain jacket which adds protection from the wind as well as the rain and keeps the hair dry. The hood allows the woman to go without a hat. Some have fur hoods and they keep the head warm in the cold weather.

Although the hoods on women’s rain coats are practical some women do not like them and this led to the removal of the permanent hood and brought on the detachable hood.

The modern raincoats for women are a perfect addition to any women’s wardrobe as they come in all sizes and lengths. Not only can a woman wearing a petite size, a tall size or a plus size have a fashionable rain jacket she can look elegant.

If you are a woman that is a sports enthusiast then you may want to see something that has been designed for sports minded women, such as the style of jacket that is made for skiing and also the style that can be packed. The latter women’s hooded raincoat is made of a lightweight material that can be folded and packed into a very small pocket.

The womens rain jacket, anorak, and coat in the 1960s were often made of transparent materials such as plastic, vinyl and PVC. They did not last as long as the ultra feminine look of the 1950s which can still be seen in designer collections today.