Which Is The Best Womens Parka?

When you think of a parka you may picture an old fashioned long coat with fur around the hood.  This is no longer the case as the womens parka is extremely fashionable and is a lovely coat to have.

The womens Dory Parka by Lands End is just one of the extremely popular raincoats for women. It is available in several colors and has a drawstring waist. The detachable hood can easily be removed when it is not needed.

Another popular womens parka by Lands End is the ThermaCheck Fleece Parka.  It is very warm and is wind resistant but as it is fleece it is not waterproof.

Womens Parka

Womens Parka

Which Is The Best Womens ParkaWhich Is The Best Womens Parka

When it is cold and wet outside you could really use a 3 in 1 womens jacket.  It can be worn in 3 different ways, the fleece on its own, the outer waterproof shell on its own or the fleece and the outer shell can be worn together making an ultra warm waterproof coat.

This type of jacket is perfect for snowy weather or for a trip to the ski slopes.  You will not feel the cold at all while wearing one.  Proper ski coats will come with matching gloves.

There are loads and loads of different styles ladies parkas, so you may struggle to choose your favorite.  Having a browse on the internet will help you see all of the different choices that are available.

Rainy days do not always happen in winter and with today’s weather being so unpredictable it pays to have a ladies parka in your wardrobe ready for those April showers.

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There are lightweight  womens parka jackets available that are airy and comfortable while being waterproof and windproof, making them an ideal summer rain jacket.  Whereas the thicker more padded womens parka is a perfect winter coat.

Some can even be packed away into their own little bag when they are no longer needed.  The Cabela’s Women’s packable parka coat is great.  There is a range of colors available and is ideal to either pop into your luggage for an emergency coat on your vacation.  You could also pop it into your handbag incase the weather decides to change quickly.

The Jessie G. Womens Down Parka with a Raccoon fur trimmed hood is a beautiful winter coat.  In inclement weather the hood is brilliant for keeping you warm and snug.  It is longer in length and has a belted waist which accentuates your figure.

There are hundreds of gorgeous womens parka coats available and they range in price from $39.99 to $200.00.

North Face womens parkas are slightly more expensive but they are superb.  For example the Arctic Parka is absolutely fantastic.  It is insulated with down to make you feel extremely warm even in the coldest weather.   It is long length and has a detachable hood which offers extra protection in stormy weather, it really is a brilliant womens parka.

There really is so much choice around in funky and stylish women’s coats, and as for which is the best women’s parka?, well it’s really up to you.