Woman Within Plus Size Raincoat – Looks Trendy In Every Size

A lot of women struggle these days to find nice coats that fit because of their size, but thanks to the Woman Within plus size raincoat they need look no more.

The Woman Within plus size raincoat comes in many different sizes from 14 to 44, and there are several style options. So you will not struggle to find something that meets your needs.

Many companies who make raincoats for women do not take into account larger women.  They are mainly all aimed for the younger, slimmer generation. But Woman Within DO take into consideration that women come in all different shapes and sizes.

Woman Within Plus Size Raincoat

Woman Within Plus Size Raincoat

Woman Within Plus Size Raincoat

The Woman Within plus size raincoat is perfect to wear for any occasion. It is smart enough to wear for work or an evening out, and is also suitable for everyday wear during winter times.

The Woman Within raincoat is becoming increasingly popular and people all over the world are buying them because of their larger-size range and also their fantastic value for money.

There is also a Woman Within plus size clothing range that is absolutely fantastic.  They really do have something for everyone from t shirts so maternity clothes, they also have underwear and accessories too.

When it comes to womens wear we all want to look smart, regardless of our shape and size and the Woman Within range are perfect.

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Mycra Pac raincoats are an extremely popular brand, and they generally go up to around a large size. They are beautiful coats and are very flattering.

The Woman Within Woman Within plus size iridescent coat is fantastic and it has an accordion pleated hood. It is made from a luxurious fabric and looks extremely feminine so you will feel wonderful when wearing it.

The 3/4 length stadium coat has a detachable hood which has a fake fur trim for that extra feminine feel.

Another brilliant Woman Within plus size raincoat is the Leopard-Lined trench coat.  This raincoat comes in several different color choices and they all have a fantastic Leopard print lining.  This double breasted water repellant coat is available in sizes 14-34.  This is an extremely fashionable coat and looks fantastic on.

If you prefer a more traditional anorak you could go for the Colorblocked taslon coat.  It comes in four choices of color all of which are gorgeous.  This particular coat is totally weather resistant and comes in sizes 14-16 to 42-44.  It has a detachable hood which is ideal for removing when it is cold outside but there is no rain.

Whichever Woman Within plus size raincoat you decide to go for you can always read reviews online before you decide and if you order online you may be able to get a coat at a bargain price.