What Are The Latest Trendy Raincoats For Women?

Until recently I found that raincoats were not the most fashionable garments on the market. It seems that raincoats for women were made to be used for one purpose and one purpose only and that was, to wear when it rained.

The color choice for women’s raincoats was either black or brown and an occasional tan. They were all made of fabric that was heavy and felt like vulcanized rubber.

If another type of fabric was used the coat did not do its job in protecting me from the rain.

Trendy Raincoats For Women

Trendy Raincoats For Women

Today, the typical raincoat for women market has changed and the only problem that can arise when buying one is “what kind shall I buy?”

Raincoats for women today make a fashion statement although, you can still get the traditional black color the styles have changed:

  • There is the trench minus the pocket and belt; the hooded raincoats for women made of fabric so strong it could probably withstand a hurricane; and for those not too fussy about fashion, the plain hooded rain parka.
  • On the other hand, for those women looking for more color and fashion there is the color rain parka trench in a shocking lime green color, the lightweight rain jacket by Patagonia, and the sleek style of the anorak which is made in a convenient style for traveling, or to be left in the office in the event of a torrential rain when it’s going home time.
  • That’s not all, because there are also raincoats for women that are printed. Consider the striped nylon taffeta raincoat with parka; there is the zebra print all weather print from Guess; or you may try the glamorous trendy heart print pattern on an all weather trench offered by Marc Jacobs.

Today’s fashionable and stylish raincoats often come with pouches into which the raincoat can be stored until it is needed. Often described as a travel raincoat this style is usually crease resistant and lightweight.

Designer raincoats women find funky can be found at reasonable prices, but you don’t have to pay for designer labels to get a really cool high fashion look.

This rainwear for women comes in long coats, street length coats, short coats and rain jackets, and any of these can either be reversible or with hoods. The hooded raincoat is becoming ever more popular.

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If you are looking for something truly trendy and fashionable you may want to get a matching set which consists of: the raincoat, hat, tote bag, umbrella and often rain boots, which are all designed to match to the raincoat.

What I have discovered in my search for a trendy raincoat is that no matter how fashionable the womens raincoats become, the traditional rain apparel such as the London Fog coats or Burberry womens trench coats are as popular today as they ever were. They have been making a fashion statement for years and will continue to do so for many more years.

Some women consider the zebra pattern woman’s raincoat to be a fashionable and funky choice.

The bright colored or highly floral patterned option is now not only seen in the raincoats for kids and raincoats for girls, but also in the young women’s and adult sections too. You can look fun, cute, and fashionable all at the same time.

Today’s rainwear for women often does not look like the traditional trench style raincoat at all. These womens rain coats are stylish fashion statements that can be worn anywhere; to dinner after work and to church on Sunday and wherever else you would wear a coat, in between.

Go ahead and make a fashion statement by choosing one of the many cute raincoats for women.