Todays Raincoats For Women Come In Many Styles

During the nineteen century women’s clothing was bulky and uncomfortable to wear with a coat. The women preferred to wear capes whether the weather was nice or rainy. Womens raincoats have come a long way since the nineteenth century and notwithstanding the long history of raincoats for women, they have managed to come into the twenty first century.

Todays raincoats for women come in many sizes (a far cry from the one size fits all nineteenth century cape), many fabrics, and many styles. Rainwear for women is now made from vinyl, microfibers, rubberized, water proofed cottons and wools, and much, much more.

Todays Raincoats For Women

Todays Raincoats For Women

As for styles; you’ll not only find the incredibly popular hooded raincoats for women come in loose coats, trench coats for women, ruffled fronts, belted and unbelted, as well as any other style you may think of. As for sizes, they are made to fit the smallest size one through to a women’s 5X.

If you need a new coat and you are checking out the huge variety of rain coats, then probably your first step should be to decide what kind of raincoat for women that you want.

There are ladies raincoats that can suit every occasion, whether it be one of the short hooded rain jackets or one of the elegant long raincoats, you need to confirm what you want your raincoat to do for you, what kind of fabric you would like, and then put on your shopping gear and go shopping.

You will find that retailer’s carry every form of raincoats for women. Whether you are very style conscious or would just prefer something plain that will do the job of keeping you dry and warm, you will find it at any retailer or online.

Some of today’s designers are doing interesting things with rain coats. The once drab black, tan, or gray coat is now produced in a range of traditional colors as well as bright colors and interesting prints of flowers or geometric patterns. There are enough new styles to choose from that you may want to have more than one raincoat in your wardrobe.

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Most people have heard of Nordstrom or Mycra Pac raincoats, especially those who are seasoned travelers. Some companies are noted for their lightweight garments while others are recognized for their deeply padded and somewhat warm outerwear. The padded style serves as a warm winter coat that also has the added bonus of being waterproof.

Another famous brand that has a long established history in the mens and womens rainwear department is the London Fog brand. London Fog raincoats can be found in many traditional and modern designs, and they are still a huge favorite with many shoppers.

Besides the conventional coat there are also rain jackets for women and rain ponchos for those women that do not want a traditional style coat. Some ponchos are made from various fabrics and like the raincoat, can be worn at all times.

Other ponchos are made of lightweight plastic and can be folded and placed into a small bag made especially for the poncho. This makes it easy to carry in your purse, keep in your desk or dresser drawer, glove compartment of your car, or anywhere else you can conveniently reach for it when it is needed. The ponchos are usually plain but come with a hood to keep your hair dry.

Many cute raincoats for women come as complete matching sets. The set generally includes a rain hat, rain boots for women, and an umbrella and all the parts match the coat whether the coat is solid color or patterned.

As you can see, we were right when we said that the raincoat for women has come a long way. No longer the long cloak, it is a short, fashionable, and rain resisting coat that any woman would be proud to wear, and have more than one of in her wardrobe. They are so pretty and fashionable that you do not have to wait for a rainy day to wear those funky raincoats for women.