The Five Hottest Colors For This Season

The fashion scene now allows you to choose from a wide range of raincoats for women in colors to suit everyone’s taste.

One Of The Hottest Raincoats This SeasonThe hot orange raincoat, featured opposite, is just one of the exciting brightly colored options for you to check out. You can click on the image to find out more.

So what are the top five hot colors that everyone is talking about?

Choose any one of these fun colors and you’ll get noticed.

  • Pink – Hot pink or baby pink
  • Orange – Bright orange or subtle peach
  • Purple – Vibrant violet or mellow lavender
  • Blue – Brilliant cobalt or pale sky blue
  • Green – Sparkling emerald or shimmering sea green

If you are loud and proud when it comes to fashion, then you can choose one of the bestselling vibrant colored raincoats to brighten up a dull day.

If you are a pastel lover, then you’ll simply choose a more subtle alternative from the same color palette.

Either way, you won’t look drab on even the most miserable day.

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Thankfully you no longer have to be a cat walk model to find a woman’s raincoat that fits properly and looks amazing.

The outerwear range of today is so diverse, and every woman can look and feel comfortable whilst staying dry in bad weather.

Waterproof and shower proof raincoats don’t have to be heavy and old fashioned.

Lightweight materials allow you to stay dry without having to be weighed down by heavy fabrics.

The fashion trend of everyone wearing exactly the same style and color is long gone. Now you can be as bold or as tame as you want to be, vive la différence.