It’s Fun To Shop For Plus Size Womens Hooded Rain Jackets

Plus Size Womens Hooded Rain Jackets

It’s not so long ago that you would have a terrible time trying to find any plus size womens hooded rain jackets. Most of the retailers didn’t seem to cater for anyone but the smaller sized lady and it could be very disheartening when out on a shopping expedition. Thankfully, today’s designers and retailers have […] Read more »

Why Choose Women’s Vinyl Raincoats?

Women's Vinyl Raincoats

Back in the late 1960’s women’s vinyl raincoats were all the rage. Usually the monochrome look was completed by the wearing of black or white shiny knee length boots. It was around the time of the mini skirt that vinyl became so popular, and the new found freedom allowed women to express themselves by wearing […] Read more »

Are Womens Raincoats Really Waterproof?

Waterproof Womens Raincoats

Have you ever heard about womens raincoats that stated on the label that it was waterproof and when you wore it out in the rain it got soaked before the rest of you did? The labels on most womens rain gear can be very confusing, especially in the modern raincoats because the fabrics are so […] Read more »