Are Womens Raincoats Really Waterproof?

Waterproof Womens Raincoats

Have you ever heard about womens raincoats that stated on the label that it was waterproof and when you wore it out in the rain it got soaked before the rest of you did? The labels on most womens rain gear can be very confusing, especially in the modern raincoats because the fabrics are so […] Read more »

Are Long Or Short Womens Trench Coats More Fashionable?

Long And Short Womens Trench Coats

Womens trench coats have made a fashion statement repeatedly for many years with very little actual change. The one thing that stands out most about women’s trench coats is that no matter whether the woman is tall or short, thin or heavy, if the coat is correctly fitted it will look good on any figure. […] Read more »