The London Fog Houndstooth Raincoat Looks Amazing

London Fog Houndstooth Raincoat

Don’t let the rain put a dampener on your fashionable clothes; the London Fog houndstooth raincoat is the perfect choice to look as radiant as the sunshine regardless of the weather outside. The London Fog houndstooth raincoat is one of the most popular fashionable choices of raincoats for women this season, with millions selling everyday […] Read more »

What Are The Latest Trendy Raincoats For Women?

Trendy Raincoats For Women

Until recently I found that raincoats were not the most fashionable garments on the market. It seems that raincoats for women were made to be used for one purpose and one purpose only and that was, to wear when it rained. The color choice for women’s raincoats was either black or brown and an occasional […] Read more »

London Fog Raincoats – Are They Still In Fashion?

London Fog Raincoats

London Fog raincoats and trench coats have been around for a good many years. At some point in her life almost every woman has had one and many still have one. When you shop for a womens raincoat you usually have to tell the clerk what you have in mind so that she can help […] Read more »

Are Long Or Short Womens Trench Coats More Fashionable?

Long And Short Womens Trench Coats

Womens trench coats have made a fashion statement repeatedly for many years with very little actual change. The one thing that stands out most about women’s trench coats is that no matter whether the woman is tall or short, thin or heavy, if the coat is correctly fitted it will look good on any figure. […] Read more »

London Fog Raincoats For Women

London Fog Raincoats For Women

The London Fog raincoats for women are easily recognizable anywhere in the world. The design looks good with clothing that is long or short and fits in with all of the most up-to-date trends. The short womens rain jacket goes well with jeans, while the long hooded raincoats for women can be worn casually, or […] Read more »