It’s Fun To Shop For Plus Size Womens Hooded Rain Jackets

Plus Size Womens Hooded Rain Jackets

It’s not so long ago that you would have a terrible time trying to find any plus size womens hooded rain jackets. Most of the retailers didn’t seem to cater for anyone but the smaller sized lady and it could be very disheartening when out on a shopping expedition. Thankfully, today’s designers and retailers have […] Read more »

Can You Find Stylish Raincoats For Tall Women?

Raincoats For Tall Women

It’s not too long ago when it was very hard to find any modern clothing for tall women, let alone raincoats for tall women. Women’s raincoats, along with most other clothing, was chosen for the fact that it had hems that could be let down. It would have been quite disappointing to find the coat […] Read more »

Womens Rainwear Can Be Fun And Functional

Womens Rainwear

There has been a huge increase, in recent years, in the amount of fashionable womens rainwear for sale. Top designers have created many new lines to suit the needs of the modern day woman. Outdoor activities are on the increase, and this has led to a growing need for good waterproof and water resistant raincoats […] Read more »

Todays Raincoats For Women Come In Many Styles

Todays Raincoats For Women

During the nineteen century women’s clothing was bulky and uncomfortable to wear with a coat. The women preferred to wear capes whether the weather was nice or rainy. Womens raincoats have come a long way since the nineteenth century and notwithstanding the long history of raincoats for women, they have managed to come into the […] Read more »

Womens Rain Jackets For The Modern Woman

Womens Rain Jacket

The womens rain jacket was originally made to be a garment that was practical to keep the person wearing it dry. Now the women’s rain jackets are a fashion statement. Originally womens rain apparel was the mackintosh also known as the “Mack” and named for the man that invented the mackintosh, Charles Macintosh. The original […] Read more »

Rain Slickers For Women – Look Good And Stay Dry

Rain Slickers For Women

Rain slickers for women were originally designed to keep a lady dry, and were a purely practical form of womens rainwear. Today this funky womens raincoat is often a fashion accessory, so you can look great and stay dry too. When you were a child you surely had that yellow slicker that was waterproof. They […] Read more »

A Wealth Of Choice In The Ladies Raincoats For Sale Today

Ladies Raincoats

When you think of ladies raincoats you may think of a traditional Burberry or London Fog rain coat. On the other hand, you might picture something else which is completely different. Everyone has their own image of what womens raincoats should look like, and it is because of this that so many styles are now […] Read more »

Comfortable And Trendy Hooded Raincoats For Women

Hooded Raincoats

Before hooded raincoats for women were invented during bad weather women had to resort to wearing whatever was available. The womens rain jacket or coat did not exist and often a primitive cape was their only protection. In the days of long ago, women wore hooded capes in the rain because the dresses that they […] Read more »