The Lightweight ShayneCoat Is The Ideal Packable Raincoat

Would you like a raincoat that is 100% waterproof and ultra lightweight?  Then try the ShayneCoat.

The ShayneCoat comes with a fully adjustable hood so there is no need for a hat, it also comes in handy when it is too windy for an umbrella.

There are hundreds of lightweight raincoats for women available but the ShayneCoat seems to be one of the most popular ones on the market.



The Lightweight ShayneCoat

The ShayneCoat is extra long and comes down to just above the ankles giving you extra protection from the elements.  It  is available for both men and women and they are available in black and silver.  They are ideal for the taller person.

It has an adjustable drawstring waist which is very flattering.

Another extremely popular raincoat is the Mac in a Sac.  As the name suggests it is fully foldable and can be stored in a carrying pouch/sac until it is needed.  These kind of lightweight rain jackets are perfect for any rainy day.

How many times have you set off from home with the sun shining gloriously and within a blink of an eye the heavens open?  With a packable rain coat you no longer need to be caught out, simply pop it into your bag and pull it out the minute it starts to rain.  The ShayneCoat also comes with its own carrying case.

There is nothing worse than on a rainy day when it is too windy to use an umbrella.  With the ShayneCoat you do not need one.

Lightweight rain jackets are ideal summer shower coats whereas you will need a bigger warmer rain coat for the winter season.

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3 in 1 coats are ideal in the inclement weather they not only keep you dry you will also be kept warm and cozy.  The ShayneCoat also comes with its own carrying case.

The waterproof ShayneCoat is ideal for travelling to the office you will not arrive at work looking untidy and drenched.  You will still look smart and be totally dry.

ShayneCoats are a bargain at around only $30.  It is probably one of the cheapest raincoats on the market.

Rainwear does not have to be expensive there are some superb raincoats out there at bargain prices.

The Columbia Switchback rain jacket is available from $27 upwards.  At the top end of the market you could pay up to $200.  It all depends on what kind of coat you are after.

Raincoats were first introduced in the 1800’s.  The first ever one was the Mackintosh also known as The Mac.  They were rather heavy and uncomfortable to wear but they served their purpose and you were kept dry.

Nowadays featherweight raincoats are available, so you feel like you are not wearing one.

The ShayneCoat for women is excellent quality and this is why the ShayneCoat is extremely popular and sells all over the world.