Can You Find Stylish Raincoats For Tall Women?

It’s not too long ago when it was very hard to find any modern clothing for tall women, let alone raincoats for tall women. Women’s raincoats, along with most other clothing, was chosen for the fact that it had hems that could be let down.

It would have been quite disappointing to find the coat that you loved could not be altered to fit, and that your final choice had only been selected because it could be altered at home.

Thankfully, maybe because there are increasing numbers of taller women, or simply because designers have become aware of the customers’ needs, you can now find designer raincoats to suit both the petite and the taller woman.

Raincoats For Tall Women

Raincoats For Tall Women

The difference between the standard raincoats and the raincoats for tall women is fairly simple. The taller women’s raincoat is longer in the length, longer in the sleeves, and the bodice length is usually slightly longer also.

Although many of today’s standard raincoats for women are perfectly suitable for the slightly taller lady, you have to choose your design carefully. If the sleeves look too short it can be quite noticeable.

Three quarter coat lengths may not be the best choice, and three quarter sleeve lengths are often not the best choice either. A well fitting coat makes the wearer look comfortable, but an ill fitting coat makes the wearer look awkward.

Confidence comes from being happy in how you look, so be proud of your height and choose a rain coat that shows you at your best.

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When it comes to rain jackets for tall women, the job is slightly easier. As jackets come in so many different styles and lengths, you simply need to decide on the style that suits your shape and purpose. This lightweight and versatile piece of rainwear can be used for countless purposes.

A casual jacket may have a zipper and hood, etc. but a more formal rain jacket may be of a blazer style or perhaps a pea coat style. In some cases choosing a blazer style rain jacket for tall women can be a very wise choice. It can go with slacks and jeans for casual occasions and teamed up with a skirt or dress for more formal events.

Tall women’s raincoats are available in stylish and modern designs generally, but very few retailers choose to specialize in this field. Unfortunately, some retailers are still stuck in the mind set of stocking the average sizes of ladies raincoats for the average customer. However, it seems that the world’s population is changing in both shape and size, and Mr. or Mrs. Average no longer exists.

It is no longer quite so hard to find clothes for the taller person, and in fact the task has become so much easier thanks to the availability of online shopping.

You can now browse the selection of raincoats for tall women on the internet, without the need to go from store to store, searching for the tall section.