Raincoats And Rain Boots For Women With Style

Every woman needs raincoats and rain boots in their wardrobe for those rainy days and for those females that adore fashion you can get matching raincoats and rain boots.

With so many different types of raincoats for women you really are spoilt for choice.  There are thicker winter ones or there are thin summer raincoats.  Or there is a rain poncho which you can pop into your purse for an emergency or you could buy a disposable one from the dollar store and get rid of it when you have used it.

Raincoats And Rain Boots

Raincoats And Rain Boots

If you like to be kept dry but don’t like to be too hot then you should buy a thinner rain jacket.  Some of the most popular ones include the Destination jacket my Marmot.  It is lightweight but it is extremely waterproof.  It is of longer length and looks fantastic you can even where it for a dinner date or for going to work.

Another popular jacket is the Sherpa Halka raincoat. It is shorter in length and is lightweight and airy.  Available in several colors it is ideal to pop into your suitcase or if you are an outdoor person who loves hiking it is perfect.

Raincoats and rain boots are a necessity even in the summer as the weather is so unpredictable.  The best place to find womens rainwear is the internet as there are so many different stores selling them you may be able to find a bargain.

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A lot of people do not have cars and rely on public transport this is fine in the summer but can be a pain on winter days.  With the right kind of rain gear this can no longer be a pain.

When it is windy an umbrella is of no use so you need to get a raincoat with a hood which will keep you dry and keep the wind out.  The majority have detachable hoods so they can be removed if they need to be.

If you are a big kid at heart you can also get raincoats and wellies to match your little princess or if you have a little soldier you could opt for black or blue so you can both go splashing in puddles together.

Raincoats and rain boots are best purchased in the summer as they may cost a fraction of what you would pay if you wait until winter.