Rain Slickers For Women – Look Good And Stay Dry

Rain slickers for women were originally designed to keep a lady dry, and were a purely practical form of womens rainwear. Today this funky womens raincoat is often a fashion accessory, so you can look great and stay dry too.

When you were a child you surely had that yellow slicker that was waterproof. They were always the same and unlike other raincoats for women and girls they were certainly not very fashionable, but they did keep you dry.

Rain Slickers For Women

Rain Slickers For Women

The slicker of old was rubberized and had a zipper together with snap tabs to assure that is would be closed tightly to keep the rain out. These men’s and ladies raincoats were not comfortable because they were very heavy, but they did the job no matter how long you stayed out in the rain.

The modern rain coats for women are greatly improved over the original rain slicker for women. Modern technology has given us new fabrics and waterproofing techniques and even though they are new and improved they can still do their job in a downpour.

Many rain slickers for women still possess that shiny slick look that was the signature of the old version, but because they are generally made from polyurethane they have some advantages over the old model. The modern funky womens raincoats are softer and definitely more comfortable.

There has also been a change in the length of this popular garment. You can now find a modern rain slicker in a three quarter length as well as a short jacket length. Whereas the classic full length coat looks great over dresses or trousers alike, the short trendy womens rain jacket is perfect over jeans and trousers.

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Fashion is not always known to be practical therefore; modern day rain slickers for women are made of microfibers, velvet, suede and cotton and then treated with a chemical to allow them to repel water. Although they are treated to repel water, if the rain is persistent the fabrics may become soaked and will no longer keep the wearer dry.

If you are camping or hiking your best bet is to always remember your rain slicker. When you’re camping or hiking there is often no place to hide from torrential rain. Many raincoats for women will keep you perfectly dry, but a coat made from polyurethane can be wiped clean of mud and dirt too.

When buying your rain slicker be sure that the coat is waterproof and not just water repellent. The funky womens rain coats which are water repellent can sometimes soak through in a torrential downpour. If the garment is waterproof it will keep you dry no matter how hard it rains.
One other thing to look for is that the seams are flat so that water will not seep through them. A zipper together with tabs to close the coat with is another thing to look for. In order to be even comfortable, be aware of size. You will possible be wearing heavier clothes underneath the slicker, and if so, get a larger size so that you can move freely.

With all of this in place you will be warm comfortable and dry because you have chosen the right coat from the many available rain slickers for women.