Fashionable & Trendy Plus Size Raincoats

In years gone by, if you were overweight you had very little choice of clothes and coats. But nowadays there are hundreds of plus size raincoats to choose from.

The Jessica London plus size raincoat is just one of the most popular brand of raincoats sold for the larger than average lady. They are available in several styles, colors and lengths. The long hooded raincoat is fantastic.

The colors that are available in the Jessica London plus size raincoat are great. For instance the Violet-Plum is gorgeous, as is the Ruby-Black.

Plus Size Raincoats

Plus Size Raincoats

All of the color choices will look fantastic for any occasion, whether it is formal or an everyday outing. The long coat comes with contrasting collar and roll up sleeves.

If you prefer the shorter length raincoat then you should definitely take a peek at the short hooded raincoat by Jessica London.

Another popular seller is the Woman Within plus size raincoat. The plus size puffer anorak is out of this world. It comes with a funnel neck collar and detachable hood which has a faux fur trim. It is extremely feminine and looks very flattering regardless of your shape and size.

The average size lady is much larger than ever before, that is why so many companies have introduced plus size clothing.

Many women have avoided going to work functions, or special occasions such as weddings, because they have never found outerwear that was suitable and would fit.

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Now they no longer need to make up excuses because there are so many fantastic plus size coats to choose from. These coats are not dull and drab; they are as smart and beautiful, just as you would expect any stylish raincoat to be.

Another extremely popular seller is the Roamans Super Long plus size raincoat. This coat is available from size 14 upwards, all the way up to 34, and is simply stunning. It is available in black or purple, and it has a gorgeous back belt.

If you are looking for plus size womens hooded rain jackets that are suitable for any time, then this coat will look exceptional on any occasion.

Plus size raincoats are long overdue, and many of today’s modern designers have introduced their own range of rainwear for plus size women.

If you are struggling to find which raincoat is the best for you, you can compare all of the different raincoats before deciding. One coat could look fantastic on somebody else, but may not look as good on yourself and vice versa.

The majority of retailers will now stock a larger size clothing and outerwear range, as they know what the customer needs. Go back about a decade, and you would struggle to find anything in larger sizes, especially if you were looking for modern plus size raincoats.