A Pacific Waterproof Poncho Can Pop In Your Purse

There are hundreds of different styles of raincoats for women.  They come in hundreds of colors and patterns and they are suitable for everyone.

If you are looking for a raincoat that fits in your purse, then take a look at the Pacific waterproof poncho.  It is so cheap but does the same job that a more expensive raincoat can do.  It fits into its own little pouch and one size fits all women.

The Pacific waterproof poncho is perfect for trips to the theme park for those water rides, or a trip to the coast just in case it decides to rain.

Pacific Waterproof Poncho

Pacific Waterproof Poncho

Women's Pacific Waterproof Poncho

Waterproof ponchos are suitable for any occasion as they can be taken everywhere you go, or they can be stored in your car for a rain day.

Ponchos for women are becoming more and more popular and women all over the world have one.  The Pacific waterproof poncho is probably one of the most popular ones on the market.

Some ponchos are disposable meaning once they are used they can be thrown away, this type is often available in dollar stores.

A similar poncho to the Pacific waterproof poncho is the Stormtech packable poncho.  This poncho is available in some fabulous colors like red and gold, there are many other choices available.  This is also a one size fits all poncho and it packs into its own pouch too.

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Rain can fall in any season, just because it is summer doesn’t mean the rain won’t fall. Ponchos are ideal for ever season, but the summer in particular. The hooded poncho protects you from the rain but in the summer it won’t make you overheat. There is nothing worse than being too hot in the summer even if it is raining.

It does not matter what clothes you are wearing, because the great thing about the Pacific waterproof poncho is that it goes with absolutely everything.

If you are going to the office and the heavens suddenly open the poncho will look great and keep your suit bone dry, and the best thing is it pops straight back into your purse.

If you prefer a more traditional style raincoat then maybe something from the MaxStudio womens raincoat collection is the perfect choice for you.  There are many different beautiful styles; you will most definitely find the perfect raincoat.

Ponchos were first worn in the 1850’s and they were made from a latex coated waterproof cloth.  They were used during the American civil war as waterproof clothing and also as a sheet to sleep on.

Just before WWII ponchos were greatly improved by making them out of lighter material and making a drawstring hood.  Throughout the decades they have become better and better and we now have the poncho we all love, and the Pacific waterproof poncho is the perfect example.