The Mossimo Polka Dot Coat Is Featherweight And Fun

The Mossimo polka dot coat is the perfect lightweight rain jacket.  It is one of the lightest raincoats for women on the market.

The Mossimo polka dot coat is available in several different colors and has a belted waist and roll up sleeves.  As it is featherweight it is an ideal summer raincoat.

Being so compact and lightweight it can easily be packed in your suitcase and be taken on vacation, because the weather is so unpredictable you never know when it is suddenly going to rain.

Mossimo Polka Dot Coat

Mossimo Polka Dot Coat

There are thousands of raincoats available to buy and the prices range from only $29.99 all the way up to $299.99.

There are lots of different kinds of raincoats.  Ranging from lightweight summer jackets to 3 in 1 winter raincoats.  Whatever the weather there is always a raincoat suitable.

3 in 1 coats are ideal in the winter not only will you be kept dry from the falling rain/snow you will be kept extremely warm.  This type of coat can also be worn during other seasons if you take the coat apart and where it separately.  The fleece becomes an ideal coat to keep you warm when it is not raining and the outer shell will keep you cool and dry when it is raining.

One of the best selling 3 in 1 coats is the Stormtech jacket.  It is superb quality and when you wear this jacket you will be totally warm even the coldest of climates.

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The Mossimo polka dot coat is not really suitable for extremely cold weather but it is the perfect jacket for summer showers.

If you are specifically after a polka dot jacket then look no further than the Mossimo polka dot coat.  You are sure to find a one you like and you may be fortunate enough to grab a pair of matching wellies so you really will look fantastic on a dull drizzly day.

The Mossimo Supply Co. not only sells makes fantastic rain jackets they also have a brilliant range of clothes and accessories.  From vest tops to jeans there is a wide range and they have something for everyone.

The history of the raincoat dates back centuries to the invention of the Mackintosh.  This was a heavy coat that kept you dry but it was uncomfortable.  Then came the Trench coat this again kept you warm and dry but it was also heavy and could be uncomfortable.  Over the years the rain jacket has become lighter and lighter and now we have featherweight raincoats that do the same job as their predecessors.

The polka dot trench coat keeps you warm and dry but it is not heavy and uncomfortable that is why the Mossimo polka dot coat is the first choice of many.