Sexy And Stylish Miss Sixty Trench Coats

Many modern designers have introduced their brand of trench coats and miss sixty trench coats are a firm favorite of many.

Trench style raincoats for women are becoming increasingly fashionable and popular ones include the khaki studded version. This stylish trench coat is flattering to the wearer whatever their shape with its waist belt, studded pockets and flared skirt. Another popular style is the roll up sleeve version it has a pleated bottom and waist belt and looks fantastic with a dress or jeans.

Miss Sixty Trench Coats

Miss Sixty Trench Coats

Miss Sixty CoatsMiss Sixty Coats

The womens trench coat used to be plain drab and boring but thanks to miss sixty trench coats nearly every women would love to have one in their wardrobe.

With its wide range of styles and huge variety of colors the bebe trench coat is another very popular brand they all have a very feminine look. A very elegant version is the lace trench coat it looks very stylish and has a Victorian feel about it.

The diesel trench coat is more like a traditional trench coat. They are usually double breasted and don’t come in a huge variety of colors. However they remain very popular and the wearer will look fabulous in whatever style she opts for.

In the early 1990’s a company called Sixty Group was established and in 1999 miss sixty was introduced and a store in London was opened. Due to the success of that store several more were opened and a year later in 2000 they launched their own brand of footwear.

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Two years later in 2002 miss sixty launched their own eyewear range and they still remain popular today.

In recent years they have added childrens clothes and perfume to their collection. In 2006 they held their first ever fashion show in New York and in the same year they opened a hotel in Italy. You will find it located on the East coast in a town called Riccione.

Altogether the group that owns miss sixty employs more than 1500 people and it is well respected by everybody in the fashion industry.

The best place to find designer trench coats is the internet where you will be able to see all the different brands and read reviews and you may even find a miss sixty trench coat sale.

So if you are looking for sexy stylish coats then why don’t you try miss sixty trench coats today.