Designer Brands Or Functional And Forget Long Raincoats?

The long raincoat is a popular design in the raincoats for women. It can be made of PVC or a rubberized material to make it water repellant or water proof.

The ladies long raincoat comes in colors and they can also be purchased in the form of a reversible long raincoat.

The long reversible raincoat is rubberized and generally black on one side with a polyester fabric in color or pattern on the reverse side.

Long Raincoat

Long Raincoat

The long raincoats can be had for both men and women that do outdoor work as well as for fashionable and/or stylish wear. This coat may also be called a long rain slicker.

The reversible long raincoat and the more fashionable long trench coat are an asset to one’s wardrobe and especially if you live in an area that has a lot of rain.

With long womens raincoats you are always ready for whatever the weather may want to bestow upon you. You are ready for work and you are ready to party.

Many of the designs are low cost and are made to be chemical resistant, some are shower proof whereas others are definitely a waterproof raincoat.

There is also the custom made long rain coat that is made for tall people. There is one company that specifically makes custom made womens raincoats that are over five feet seven inches tall.

These coats are beautifully crafted to look like leather although they are made of a rubberized fabric. This long hooded raincoat covers the entire head and costs in the neighborhood of four hundred dollars.

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Another company that makes a long raincoat for active women calls their creation the Drench Coat. Although this is not an expensive raincoat it does have some interesting features.

The hood on this coat folds small and fits into the collar of the coat. The right hand pocket is large enough to put “stuff” into and it zips. All in all, it looks like an interesting coat for the woman that is active and needs a place to store things to keep her hands free.

The long funky trench style women’s raincoat comes in a single breasted or a double breasted style and some styles have a zip-out lining.

The popular colors today are a mixture of pastels and bolds. The cute pink version is just as popular as the stylish blue raincoat.

The old favorite colors, such as black, brown or beige (tan), never go away, and the black long raincoat is both trendy and practical too.

Your decision to buy a full length raincoat should be on whether you want it to be a designer brand, stylish and functional, or just functional and forget about style. The decision is yours to make and whatever you decide should fit your purpose.

Everyone needs a long raincoat whether it is to work in, play in, or go out in. You never know when you will be caught in a rain shower or a rain storm.