London Fog Raincoats – Are They Still In Fashion?

London Fog raincoats and trench coats have been around for a good many years. At some point in her life almost every woman has had one and many still have one.

When you shop for a womens raincoat you usually have to tell the clerk what you have in mind so that she can help you find the one that will suit your purpose, your personality or your overall taste. When you go to the store and ask for a London Fog trench coat there is nothing else that needs to be said. Every clerk knows the brand name.

London Fog Raincoats

London Fog Raincoats

The London Fog coats were always the sophisticated double breasted straight coat with epilates, buttons, pockets and a belt. The sleeves had a strap around the wrists. The coats always came in a tan color and since tan is neutral no one ever complained. The coat was patterned after the coats worn by the soldiers in World War II. Although they were originally a masculine raincoat the ladies soon picked up on them and made no changes.

The London Fog raincoats are not just for women they are also made for men. The styles correspond and are not much different. The coat came into existence in 1923 and gained popularity as a fashion statement in the 1950s.

The 1960’s brought an era of freedom in many ways. Not only were women encouraged to express themselves verbally in a confident way, but they were encouraged to express themselves in the way they dressed.

This new freedom led to clothing becoming a much greater fashion statement, and soon a whole new range of brightly colored and funky womens raincoats began to appear.

One might think that this would lead to the eventual demise of the traditional raincoats for women. However, not only did the traditional London Fog jackets and coats remain in vogue, but the company adapted to the changing times by introducing a new range of trendy womens trench coats.

London Fog rain jackets, rain coats, and trench coats continue to be popular with both men and women today.

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The London Fog raincoat can be worn anytime whether the weather is rainy or bright.

The traditional London Fog raincoats were tan and now you can get them in black and other colors. These stylish womens raincoats can now be found in bright red and other vibrant colors as well.
It is a coat that can be worn to any occasion whether the occasion is a business meeting or luncheon or an after hours date. It has a style that can be worn at anytime without making the wearer feel as if she or he are sticking out in the crowd.

Today, the London Fog raincoats are made long (mid calf), short (pea coat or jacket) and come with scarves, and other accessories. If you have such a women’s raincoat in your wardrobe you are ready for anything and you will feel elegant and well dressed.

If you don’t have a London Fog raincoat in your wardrobe that you should get one in order to be prepared for the up and coming cold weather that is prominent in most parts of the country.

Many people feel that the London Fog raincoats are a combination of function as well as fashion together with the sleek city look and the comfort of the country.

Looking fashionable is about choosing the right clothes and wearing them in the right way. But you can look funky, fashionable, cute, and sophisticated, all at the same time.

Add elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe with London Fog raincoats.