The London Fog Houndstooth Raincoat Looks Amazing

Don’t let the rain put a dampener on your fashionable clothes; the London Fog houndstooth raincoat is the perfect choice to look as radiant as the sunshine regardless of the weather outside.

The London Fog houndstooth raincoat is one of the most popular fashionable choices of raincoats for women this season, with millions selling everyday all over the world.

This particular raincoat will look fantastic with whatever you are wearing; and not only does it look extremely elegant with its belted waist, but the weather resistant outer shell is totally weather proof.  It is available in sizes S to XL.

London Fog Houndstooth Raincoat

London Fog Houndstooth Raincoat

London Fog Houndstooth Raincoat

These days the average woman is much larger than ever but clothes companies are not taking this into account when they are designing clothes.

Larger ladies are struggling to find fashionable attire, but companies like London Fog have taken this into account when designing their range.

London Fog coats come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and are suitable for everyone regardless of their shape and size.  There are trench coats, faux silk coats and many more to choose from.

The London Fog houndstooth raincoat is the ideal jacket to have in your wardrobe, it is suitable for all weather from drizzle to snow, and you will be well protected throughout the year.

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When looking for a new weather resistant raincoat, you want a coat that keeps you protected but also a coat that looks good.  Nobody wants do look dull and drab to match the weather you want a fashionable hooded raincoat.

London Fog have such a large range of fantastic rainwear that you may struggle to find your favorite, however the London Fog houndstooth raincoat will more than likely be high on your list of favorites.

The company London Fog started out on 1923 as a little company who supplied waterproof clothes to the United States Navy. Throughout the decades it gradually got bigger, and now sells waterproof clothing all over the world.

The Jessica London plus size raincoat is another great buy if you are a larger sized lady.  Very elegant and available in a range of styles and colors.

Rainy weather is so unpredictable and can occur any day. The sun can be shining when you leave for work but by noon it could be pouring. London Fog rain jackets are the perfect thing to protect you when this happens. They are light and airy enough to wear if there is only one grey cloud in the sky. So you will not overheat but you will be protected.

The London Fog houndstooth raincoat and all of the other London Fog jackets are the perfect addition to your wardrobe as they ideal for thunder storms or summer showers.