Comfortable And Trendy Hooded Raincoats For Women

Before hooded raincoats for women were invented during bad weather women had to resort to wearing whatever was available. The womens rain jacket or coat did not exist and often a primitive cape was their only protection.

In the days of long ago, women wore hooded capes in the rain because the dresses that they wore were bulky and anything like a coat would not fit over them. These capes were generally made of fabrics like wool or cotton and would not repel the rain as well as today’s raincoats.

Hooded Raincoats

Hooded Raincoats

When the dresses became less bulky the cape was discarded and the hooded raincoat for women came into being. The coat was warmer because it hugged the body and it was a little more repellent when worn in the rain. But it still did not keep the lady dry.

The first raincoat was made by G. Fox of London in the thirteenth century. He used the extract from a rubber tree applied to fabric to repel the rain water. The first raincoat that actually repelled water was introduced by Charles Macintosh in the nineteenth century.

MacIntosh was followed by Thomas Hancock in 1843 with his treatment of fabric with vulcanized rubber. The Macintosh has not lost its popularity and is still available today.

Modern raincoats for women are made lighter and more comfortable and come either hooded or with a detachable hood. The hood was copied from the original hooded capes.

They kept the woman’s hair from getting wet and also gave her the option of not having to wear a hat, although, many of the modern raincoats do come with a matching hat.

Vinyl and rubberized fabric are used in today’s womens hooded raincoat which makes them lighter in weight and comfortable.

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Before the modern ladies raincoats there was the double and single breasted trench coat. The trench coat has always been a most popular style of women’s rainwear and remains so today. It always adds elegance to a lady’s wardrobe.

Hooded raincoats for women come in various lengths, i.e. the short hooded rain jacket, the maxi hooded raincoat, the hooded street length raincoat as well as the mid and full length hooded raincoat.

No matter what size you wear or what your age is, there is a style of women’s raincoats that is made for you. Women that wear plus size clothing usually have problems finding something stylish but, with the hooded womens raincoat there is something for the plus size ladies as well.

Ladies raincoats have come a long way since they wore the bulky capes of the thirteenth century and then the heavy overcoats they wore in the eighteenth century.

Today’s hooded womens rain coats are only one of the styles the woman has to choose from. The modern raincoat for women is extremely fashionable and has become an important part of her up-to-style wardrobe.

The modern rain coats for women can be worn the way one would wear a traditional coat, because it does not look like a raincoat. It is stylish and elegant and fits into any social situation. Yet, it is readily available in the case there is a rain storm.

Hooded raincoats for women can range in price from fifty nine dollars to anywhere in the neighborhood of two hundred dollars. However, if you are looking for a rain coat that bears a designers signature, then you may have to pay much more.