Fashionable Raincoats – You Are Spoilt For Choice!

With so many different fashionable raincoats in the market today you are spoilt for choice.  There are so many different styles of raincoats for women you will most definitely find the jacket that is right for you.

Ladies waterproof jackets do not have to be uncomfortable and boring, there are lots of different colors and patterns available they have become more of a fashion accessory.

Many fashion designers have brought out their own range of fashionable raincoats.

Fashionable Raincoats

Fashionable Raincoats

If you like the outdoors for example you enjoy rock climbing or walking then you should take a look at the Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket.  It is made from a 2.5 layer tear resistant material which is not only waterproof it is totally breathable it also has an adjustable hood which has a visor attached so the rain will just slide off and not get in your face.  The best thing about this rain jacket is the fantastic range of colors from Cerise to Prickly Pear there are colors that suit everyone.

Some raincoats are compact enough to fold away neatly into a pouch and they can be kept in your purse so you are always ready for those showers.

Some of the best trendy raincoats available are smart enough to wear for work.  Designers like Burberry and London Fog have all introduced raincoats that look stunning with any item of clothing including a suit.

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The TOWNE raincoat by London Fog is very sophisticated it has a belted waist which is very flattering and comes with a detachable hood.  It is available in several different colors with red being the most popular.  The best thing about this particular style is if you decide to go for dinner straight after work you do not need to go home and change your jacket first.

Some fashionable rain jackets are suitable for every day wear not just rainy days.  They are made from a lightweight material so you can be kept cool but you are prepared for when the weather suddenly changes.

Whether you are tall, short, slim or larger than average don’t worry raincoats come in so many different sizes and lengths.

Fashionable raincoats are available everywhere and they are made to suit any budget it does not need to have a designer label to be fashionable.

With the ever changing fashion raincoats will remain popular for many years to come.