Want A Lightweight & Modern Raincoat? Check Out The Columbia Arcadia Rain Jacket

If you are interested in buying a new rain jacket that is suitable for all occasions as well as summer or winter showers, then look no further than the Columbia Arcadia rain jacket.

This rain jacket is available in a stunning collection of fabulous colors which include Clematis Blue, Fuchsia and Winter Green; the choice is endless and you will most definitely not be disappointed in the selection of colors.

This Columbia rain jacket is one of the most popular rain jackets for women and it sells enormously all over the world.

Columbia Arcadia Women's Rain Jacket

Columbia Arcadia Women’s Rain Jacket

It is a lightweight jacket and is available in sizes XS to XL.

With modern technology you can have an extremely ultra lightweight jacket that will keep you dry and comfortable on the wettest of days, whereas decades ago you would be sweltering in an uncomfortable heavy rain coat.

A hooded raincoat is the best style to choose because you need not worry about having an umbrella. If you prefer you could opt for a removable hood then, if you wish, you can remove the hood when necessary.

There are hundreds of different styles of Columbia jackets on sale. If you do like the Columbia Arcadia rain jacket but want something slightly different, then you can choose from the many more options available.

For instance, the Columbia Switchback rain jacket is another extremely popular choice.

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The Switchback coat does not have a large range of colors (like the Arcadia jacket does) but it is still a stunning lightweight jacket, that is also available in sizes XS to XL.

Another popular option is the Whirlibird jacket, which is a 3 in 1 rain jacket more suitable for much colder weather and outdoor activities such as mountaineering.

Some companies will still make rain coats that are either suitable for summer showers are winter weather but not both. Columbia jackets are suitable for all types of weather and some they make are suitable to fold up and place in your bag for when the heavens suddenly open.

How many times have you travelled to work or gone out for a walk in the glorious sunshine, and at the drop of a hat the weather has changed dramatically and started to rain heavy? These coats, which can fold up and are lightweight enough to wear in the summer, are ideal for when this happens.

Unfortunately, many women today are larger than ever before and they can often struggle to find nice clothing in their size. There are now many companies that offer a plus size clothing range and plus size womens hooded rain jackets.

Columbia is just one of these companies that offer rain wear in plus sizes. The Arcadia jacket is available for larger ladies as is the Switchback. These are just two of the Columbia plus size rain coats, with many more to choose from; all of which are available up to size XXL.

So if you wish to purchase a plus size rain coat or just an average size rain coat, make sure you check out the Columbia Arcadia rain jacket before you decide.