Burberry Raincoats And Burberry Fashion Accessories Are HOT

We’ve loved the Burberry raincoat for decades; from the traditional style of the Burberry trench coat to the updated looks we’ve seen of late.

The Burberry brand is recognized worldwide, and sales of Burberry fashion clothing, perfume, and accessories are rising all of the time.

Although Burberry coats continue to be one of the most popular brands of womens raincoats in the world, the woman of today also wants to be seen carrying her Burberry handbag and umbrella too.

Burberry Raincoats Are HOT

Burberry Raincoats Are HOT

Burberry Coat

The company, which has in excess of five hundred stores spread around the globe, continues to create fashionable clothes for men and women of all ages. In these tough economic times, some companies continue to flourish, and this is one such company.

When it comes to a symbol of style and elegance, then you can’t mistake the look of the Burberry coat with its distinctive lining. While some traditional styles of ladies raincoats may look dated, this style never does.

Look to the catwalks, and the Burberry Prorsum range takes the stage, in particular at London fashion week.

Burberry’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey ensures that the clothing collection and other products are just right, and in line with the company’s image.

From the smallest purse to the company headquarters everything has to be right, and it seems to be working. From being appointed as creative officer in 2001, Christopher Bailey was given the task of being chief creative officer in 2009.

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Burberry Fashion Accessories

Burberry Fashion Accessories

A diverse collection of clothing and accessories ensures that the modern woman can be dressed from head to toe in Burberry fashion items.

With a huge selection of long and short coats that any modern woman would love to wear, it’s no wonder that the company has great plans for expanding their presence.

The company operates over 500 shops across 50 countries and is sticking with plans to expand its average retail space by up to 14 per cent in the coming years, as well as open 15 new stores (source).

Although the traditional raincoat colors continue to be in high demand, the brand also caters for the woman who wants something different.

There are several names that are renowned for producing high quality desirable raincoats. The first names that spring to mind are London Fog raincoats and the Burberry brands.

Since the creation of the first Mackintosh raincoat, manufacturers and designers have evolved. From creating what was a practical form of outerwear, they have come to create a highly sought after fashionable item of clothing.

As with other modern thinking brands who update their clothing to meet the need of their current day customers, the Burberry raincoat will no doubt remain with us for decades to come.