Are Womens Raincoats Really Waterproof?

Have you ever heard about womens raincoats that stated on the label that it was waterproof and when you wore it out in the rain it got soaked before the rest of you did?

The labels on most womens rain gear can be very confusing, especially in the modern raincoats because the fabrics are so vastly different.

The modern raincoats for women can be made many different materials. Women’s vinyl raincoats can be bright and funky, plain and understated, or else made in clear light weight plastic. PVC, cotton with a rubberized coating, nylon, and taffeta, are all frequently used in today’s women’s rain slickers and coats.

Waterproof Womens Raincoats

Waterproof Womens Raincoats

Many brands are renowned for producing waterproof raincoats, and just about everyone will have heard of Burberry womens raincoats and London Fog raincoats for women.

There is a great choice of fabrics, but how can you determine if they are really waterproof or not?

Before we can determine if that a womens raincoat is truly waterproof we should know that the labels may have one of two statements on them: “this garment is water resistant” or, “this garment is waterproof.” There is a difference between the two statements.

If the garment label on womens rain coats states that it is water resistant it means the garment was treated to repel water. The question here is, for how long will it repel water? Resistant does not mean waterproof.

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On the other hand, if the garment label on womens raincoats states that it is waterproof, then it truly means that the garment is waterproof and will repel the water as long as the garment is alive and well.

However, whether the garment is water resistant or waterproof there are some things you have to look for on the garment in order to know that it will do its job.

  • Check the seams of the garment to be sure that they are covered such as a flat feld seam. This is the kind of seam you will find on blue jeans and other sports apparel. You cannot see the thread in the seam.
  • Does the garment have a placket that covers the buttons so that the rain does not get in through the stitching where the buttons are attached? If the garment has a zipper, is that zipper covered?
  • In the case of womens hooded raincoats – If the garment has a hood and you do not want to wear a hood, is there a place in the collar or somewhere else to store the hood? If the hood has to hang down you will have to invert it or it will work like a bag and collect rain water and eventually get through to you via the collar.

These are only a few points you should look at no matter what the label says. The label on womens rainwear only speaks for the garments ability to keep you dry and does not speak for the garment’s assembly.

There are many very fashionable and trendy raincoats on the market today. In answer to our original question, I would have to say that “yes” today’s women’s trench coats, women’s rain jackets, and womens raincoats are generally waterproof.

And if a waterproof raincoat, rather than water resistant is what you want, be sure to look the garment over carefully before you buy it. The fabric may be waterproof but the way the garment is assembled may not be, because of open seams and open areas that water may get into.

If you are looking for a good waterproof raincoat don’t buy the first one you see. Check the craftsmanship of women’s raincoats as well as the fabric and then make your decision.