Are Long Or Short Womens Trench Coats More Fashionable?

Womens trench coats have made a fashion statement repeatedly for many years with very little actual change. The one thing that stands out most about women’s trench coats is that no matter whether the woman is tall or short, thin or heavy, if the coat is correctly fitted it will look good on any figure.

There was a time when women’s trench coats came in traditional colors of black and brown and tan. The London Fog and Burberry raincoats for women were the two most famous brands of trench coat, and the tan and the women’s black trench coats seemed to be the most favored by most women.

Long And Short Womens Trench Coats

Long And Short Womens Trench Coats

Although traditional colors of the Burberry and London Fog coats are still incredibly popular, many of today’s cute and trendy trench coats come in bright colors like green or yellow, and are either single breasted or double breasted with or without a belt. The choice is yours. What you do want to look for is whether you want the coat to be waterproof or not.

If you live in an area where there are heavy rains and sleet and snow in the wintertime you may want the coat to be a waterproof raincoat. This is especially true if you have a long walk to the office from your transportation. If however, you are walking to your office in an enclosed garage then waterproofing may not make much difference to you.

For a fashionable trench coat you should look for the style rather than the actual length. Women’s long coats can look very stylish on some women, while on other women the coat can be overwhelming. This is especially true in the case of long heavy women’s wool trench coats.

Womens trench coat lengths are not what the trench coat fashion is about now. Have you ever been at the train station or subway and have seen women in trench coats? The lengths of each trench coat seem to be different.

This is true because no two women have exactly the same shape. Everything from the shoulder width to the length of your arms will make a coat hang differently.

Many women make the mistake of choosing a particular ladies raincoat because her best friend owns one and looks great in it. However unless she is an identical shape to her best friend, the coat may not suit her at all.

In reality, the women’s raincoat and trench coat now comes in long styles (the street length), mid length (car coat length), and short (jacket).

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The womens trench coats have many features such as belts, one or two rows of buttons, and pockets. Some womens rain coats also have a hood. If you opt for buying a hooded raincoat style trench coat then be sure that the hood is large enough to cover your head and that it is sloped to the back so that the rain does not run into the coat.

The short women’s rain jackets are the latest trench styles to hit the scene. Bright colors can be worn over black trousers or jeans. The double breasted styling and neatly tied belt accentuates the waistline, creating a cute and trendy look instantly.

A long womens trench coat is considered to be slightly below the hemline. This length is best to protect your clothing. The belt is good to have in the event of high winds while you are walking as it will keep the coat from flying open.

There seems to be and emphasis on functionality rather than style when it comes to the women’s trench coats. Of course this does not mean that there is no style in a trench coat because there is.

The modern women’s coats come in more colors than they have in the past, with colors such as bright yellows, reds and blues. However, one of the most popular colors this season is the funky pink womens rain jacket style trench coat.

Womens trench coats also come in prints and patterns such as animal prints and patterns such as dots, hearts, squares and stripes. You can be as loud as you want to be. Leather trench coats are a great favorite with every generation as they can look either rebellious or sophisticated, depending on how you wear them.

Off the peg trench style women’s winter coats are just as funky and fashionable as many of the designer labels, but with a much lower price tag.

The choices of fabrics also vary, i.e. nylon, vinyl, cotton with a rubberized coating, PVC, leather, taffeta, and more. With such a variety of womens trench coats you may want to have more than one.