The 3 in 1 Womens Jacket For Our Unpredictable Weather

With the weather being so unpredictable these days it pays to have a 3 in 1 womens jacket.  They consist of an inner fleece which can be taken out and worn separately, the outer jacket is waterproof so you can wear that by itself too.

There are loads of different styles of raincoats for women, long ones, short ones, thick ones and thin ones. There really is a jacket to suit every individuals needs.

An extremely popular raincoat is the London Fog round stud hooded trench raincoat.  It is perfect for those April showers as it is light and airy but is water resistant too. This type of jacket is a handy addition to your wardrobe, but for versatility you just can’t beat a three in one jacket.

3 In 1 Womens Jacket

3 In 1 Womens Jacket

The 3 in 1 Womens JacketThe 3 in 1 Womens Jacket

The 3 in 1 ladies jacket is ideal for all the different types of weather as it is waterproof and windproof.  The ladies 3 in 1 Seam Sealed Mid-Length jacket is perfect for any weather.  It is available in several colors, it has a zip off hood and an interior fleece jacket which can be easily removed.

Another brilliant 3 in 1 coat is the Arctic Trellis by Columbia,  it also has a removable hood and has interior pockets so your belongings are extra safe when you are going on an outdoor adventure.  Columbia have some stunning jackets and they are suitable for women of any size.

If you love the great outdoors then a 3 in 1 womens jacket is just what you need.  You will never have to worry about getting caught out if the heavens suddenly open, as you will be kept lovely and dry.

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A 3 in 1 womens rain jacket is also ideal in the winter when it is snowing, the inner fleece gives extra warmth while the waterproof exterior keeps you dry.

Raincoats were invented years ago to keep women and men dry so it didn’t really matter what they looked like as long as they did their job, nowadays it is important for people to look nice as well as being kept dry, for that reason modern raincoats are more of a fashion item.

3 in 1 coats are  quite versatile and you can look extremely smart when wearing one, although they are more suitable for wearing with a trouser suit than a dress if you wish to wear one to work.  For casual wear and a relaxed look, it teams up well with jeans or slacks. It’s also the perfect choice should you fancy a walk in the park, or wish to pop to the mall.

With all of the different 3 in 1 coats that are available, you may struggle to choose your favorite 3 in 1 womens waterproof jacket. You could have a look online and read some of the many customer reviews, because sometimes this can help you decide which ones are the best.  You may even be fortunate enough to get a great deal, as online sellers have less overheads.

There are so many different styles available so you should take this into account when choosing your new jacket, if you are of shorter height then you should go for a shorter style, and if you are tall then you want a longer length 3 in 1 womens jacket.