Raincoats For Women: Find The Perfect Rain Jacket For You

Raincoats for women come in many shapes and styles.

There are 5 simple and different ways in which you can find your perfect raincoat or rain jacket, whether it be a lightweight rain jacket for wearing in spring or summer, a longer style and warmer raincoat more suitable for winter, or a trendy and cute raincoat that’s the height of fashion.


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Women’s Raincoats And Rain Jackets

Womens raincoats are often also referred to as a mackintosh. The ‘mack’ has been around since the 1820’s when it was invented by Charles Macintosh.

Mackintosh raincoats were waterproof raincoats, made from a rubberized material similar to the waxed jacket we commonly see worn by the men and women of today.

Over the years the original raincoats for women design has developed into the modern waterproof or shower proof coats that are more common nowadays. Lightweight breathable fabrics are used to keep you cool and dry. Moisture wicking materials absorb perspiration.

Originally designed as a practical garment to keep the wearer dry, the womens rain coats are now much more of a fashion item. All top designers will include such an item in their collection, with each adding their own personal touch to their designer raincoats.

Womens rain coats have been transformed to suit the needs of the modern day woman, and this has led to a variety of lengths. You can just as easily find a shorter anorak style rain jacket, as a full length trench coat design, and a host of other styles of raincoats for women in between.

The full length raincoats remain popular no matter what the current fashion trend. This makes the full length raincoat an ideal choice, as it is timeless and will not fall out of favor in the future.

Old heavy style fabrics have been replaced by modern lightweight raincoats, using breathable fabrics, creating a multitude of stylish raincoats for women.

Beautiful pale colors like pink and blue are accompanied by bold vivid reds and flowery designs for the more adventurous.

Rain coats for women often have a hood, and this saves the wearer from needing to wear a hat to keep her hair dry. A women’s hooded raincoat can be a godsend if you’ve just left the hairdressers, and fur hooded coats are even better as they offer warmth to the head area.

Hooded raincoats for women offer extra protection from the cold, rain, and wind, but some women don’t like the idea of a permanent hooded trench coat or raincoat. Fortunately detachable hoods allow choice for the wearer, who can transform her hooded raincoat into a hoodless raincoat by simply unzipping or unbuttoning the hood.

Some use ultra modern feather weight fabrics which allow them to be folded up so small they can be carried in a tiny bag. These handy womens raincoats are the first choice for travelers because they are ideal for emergency use, in the event of an unexpected shower.

Ladies raincoats not only come in the single breasted, but also the double breasted and zipped fastening design. This makes them more suitable to a wider range of customers as age, shape, and taste, are all catered for. After all, a teenager would probably want something completely different to a more mature woman.

Shape and size are definitely no barrier when it come to the woman’s raincoat. You can find petite, standard, and tall raincoat lengths. Plus size raincoats look elegant and stylish too, so they’re a great addition to any wardrobe.

For the winter you can find faux fur lined raincoats for women, which not only keep you dry but keep you very warm too. For those who prefer raincoats with hoods, the fur hooded coats are ideal for snow as well as rain.

For the hikers and lovers of outdoor pursuits the packable raincoat or rain jacket may be more practical, whilst the padded rain jacket for women is ideal for winter weather and pursuits such as skiing.

The Changing Styles Of Raincoats For Women

In the 1950’s the Peter Pan collar and smock style shape was a big seller in raincoats for women, and it can still be seen today in many of the top designers’ collections. It has an unmistakably feminine look.

In the 1960’s it was quite common to see transparent rain jackets and womens raincoats. These totally see through models were made of plastic, vinyl, or PVC, and were the height of fashion at that time.

The 70’s brought a new version with the long raincoats for women appearing in a full length trench coat style, either close fitting or flared from the waist. It was often accessorized with a ‘birdcage umbrella’.

The 80’s introduced the three quarter length loose belted design in electric blue or vivid orange, and women always made sure their shoes and jewelry matched perfectly. No matter if you chose plain raincoats, raincoats that were highly patterned, or young and funky brightly colored models, you were always perfectly color coordinated.

There is a big ‘retro look’ theme going on these days in raincoats for women, and you can see a whole range of designs from several decades appearing in women’s raincoats.

The top designer clothing companies are seeing the advantage of creating new and interesting women’s raincoats.

Whilst London Fog raincoats for women are still among the top sellers, other brand names are moving up the ranks.

The traditional white ‘Mac’ remains an ever popular raincoat for women, because although not a very practical color option, it always looks smart and elegant.

There is a movement towards the transparent and vinyl raincoat in recent times, largely due to the fact that raincoats for women can be a fun thing to wear on a damp and dreary day. A matching pair of rain boots and umbrella completes the picture, and will surely bring a smile to the face.

From the ever practical beige or black version to wear to the office, to the fluorescent pink worn with matching wellington boots, raincoats for women are available to everyone.